Hey y'all!  Sorry for letting this go for so long, I had an accidental Dry January!  We came down w/a horrible funk that hung around for most of January.  A trip to the Dr's, lots of medicine and sleep, we finally got over it.  Wow, I wouldn't wish it on anyone! Anyways, I got to watch some 60s B grade monster and Sci-Fi movies, hadn't seen some of these movies in a long time - "The Monster That Challenged The World", "Dinocroc", "The Blob" with Steve McQueen and "Plan 9 From Outer Space" to name a few.   Not exactly Oscars worthy films, but fun to watch!  We're making up for it in February, MK made me a Zombie  and I think I'm caught up  with my day-drinking...  Also read a lot, saw this - a N. Charleston woman on Jan. 26 tried to steal about $200 worth of clothes from a Northwoods department store for "A job interview", she told police.  She was arrested for shoplifting, which means, we probably won't ever find out how the job interview went.  We'll be back on the beach and for those of you asking about Matt, he's recovering and doing well, hopefully be back up and about, around March.   In the meantime, we're working up new material staying busy.  As always, thanks so much to everyone for supporting, hanging with and partying down with us when we play, love y'all, ciao'!

Park Hopper:  Matthew Ables noticed something about an “old family keepsake”: a ticket to Disney World. Someone in his family had received the complimentary pass in 1978. At the time, it was worth $8. “I realized it had never been used and there is no expiration date,” he said in a video he posted on Tik Tok. So he flew to Orlando, Fla., took it to the park, and used it for admission. “I was getting nervous there because she started aggressively stamping ‘void’ all over the ticket booklet and then left,” he said. But the gatekeeper came back and let him in. A one-day ticket to Disney World today costs $109-164. “I can’t believe this actually worked,” Ables said in his video, which has about 11 million views. (WFLA Tampa) ...With that kind of viewership Tik Tok is going to pay him — $8.

Best childhood memory... Falling asleep on the couch and waking up in bed...  I miss teleporting . It never happens to me anymore.

Just in case - 

You're wondering, we cover a wide variety of music, Surf, Dance, Country and Western (thanks Blues Brothers), Classic Rock, Pop, Motown, Blues by artists and groups - Eric Clapton, Blondie, ZZ Top, Amy Winehouse, Peggy Lee, The Surfaris, Stevie Wonder, Miranda Lambert, Luke Combs and many others... 


At The Washout with the Saturday night party crewe!

A Victim of Circumstances: A Pizza Hut in Timmins, Ont., Canada, went viral thanks to a cringe-worthy typo on a sign on its front door. The dining room was closed, it said, due to “unforeseen circumcisions.” As the image spread online like wildfire, the joint didn’t fight back, but rather acknowledged the gaffe, and capitalized on it with a limited-time $5 pizza special — “no tip required.” In an online post, restaurant general manager Marc Girard placed the blame on “damm [sic] auto correct,” and “your [sic] having fun with our little mishap.” (RC/CTV) ...“Our,” he says.