Hey there, hope all is well for y'all, we've been staying busy and working on new material and well, staying busy!  I hope y'all are taking part in some of the week-long festivities on Folly this week? We're looking forward to Saturday, it should be lots of fun w/arts, food, music and carnival rides, what a way to celebrate! Our friend Will Paggi will be sitting in w/us Saturday as well as one of Matt's friends on trombone, we're gonna throw down the best we know how, join in w/us!  Ok, I got some Deep Eddy waiting on me so I'm bugging out, thanks so much to everyone for supporting us, hanging with us and dancing when we play, love y'all, ciao'!

Florida Man Bar Brawl: Noy Idel, 23, tried to buy cigarettes at a Clearwater, Fla., Walgreens store using a photo of his I.D. instead of the actual card. When the store refused the sale, Idel allegedly “became irate and threw Snickers bars” at the store’s manager, hitting him in the face. Another employee rushed to the manager’s aid, telling Idel to leave. Police say Idel responded by throwing Snickers bars at that employee too. Idel told police he “didn’t mean to” throw the candy directly at the employees, but according to their report, security camera “footage showed that Idel was very intentional where he directed the Snickers bars.” Idel was arrested for battery, and released on $500 bond. (MS/WFLA Tampa, Miami Herald) ...Snickers: it doesn’t always satisfy.

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The Third Time’s the Charm: When we first met Ray “Reza” Baluchi, then 42 (“Can You Walk on Water?” in This is True for 12 October 2014), he was trying to jog around the outline of the mythical Bermuda Triangle — which is in the middle of the ocean — starting in Miami, Fla. How? By running inside a floating device that looks like a giant hamster wheel. He was rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard, which refused to also recover the conveyance. “The vessel itself poses concerns about navigational safety, stability and sea-worthiness,” the Coast Guard said at the time, and Baluchi, an immigrant from Iran, was fined $10,000. By 2021, Baluchi, then 49, had built a new hamster wheel, but floated ashore in Flagler County, Fla., after failing to “run” from St. Augustine to New York. In around 24 hours, he had gone 34 miles — in the wrong direction. Baluchi, now 51, was found in the ocean again on August 26. This time, the Coast Guard found him in his hamster wheel 70 nautical miles east of Tybee Island, Ga. Where was he going? London, he said. That would require a stroll across the Atlantic, into the North Sea, and up the River Thames, a journey of more than 4,250 miles. Upset at being stopped, Baluchi allegedly threatened to kill himself with a 12-inch knife if the coasties wouldn’t leave him alone. When that didn’t work, he allegedly threatened to detonate a bomb onboard, which he eventually admitted was a hoax. He was arrested, and brought back to Miami. (WOFL Orlando, Daytona Beach News-Journal) ...Next time, make him walk.

Keep an Eye out for a Goose Mysterious ‘Golden Egg’ Found 2 Miles Deep on Ocean Floor off Alaska — and Scientists Still Don’t Know What it Is
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                                               Only One?
Two Friends Were Drinking and Began to Argue, Florida Deputies Say. One Had a Gun
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: In 2016, a city employee in Buffalo, NY, was placed on administrative leave after being accused of padding her checks. But then…no one seemed to follow up. She’s been collecting paychecks for the last seven and a half years, and for six of those years, she’s had another job.