Hey y’all, so, unless you’ve been holed-up and ignoring all the goings-on, but the cicadas are coming to town… no, it’s not an indie R-n-R band, insects and a projected trillion of the little freaks! The reason for the comically large number of cicadas soon to torment your children is that two different broods are emerging at the same time, which hasn’t happened since 1803 and won’t happen again for another 221 years, sooner than the next full eclipse. On the other hand, cicadas don’t bite, sting, or carry diseases, so they are more annoying than dangerous. It was reported up in Newberry, SC, folks have been calling the police to report the noisy buggers… yeah, right – You have the right to remain silent! Hahahaaa, just put up w/it, anywhere from 3-5 wks. But – so far, not on Folly! I was watching a show for about 10 minutes and this lady was listing all of these great things to do for fun. Then I realized that it’s one of the religious channels and she was reading a list of sins… see you around the beach and Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mothers out there and thanks so much for supporting us, love youse guise and ciao’!

Can You Believe This, Mr. Wiggles?!  California Highway Patrol Says ‘Imaginary Friends’ Don’t Count in the Carpool Lane, Bay Area Driver Busted

It’s a Conspiracy!  The Tennessee State Senate has passed SB 2691, which would ban “chemtrails” from aircraft. Wild-eyed conspiracy theorists claim the water vapor that trails behind jets are actually “chemtrails” — “geoengineering experiments” that are “intentionally dispersing chemicals into the atmosphere,” including some which “may occur within the State of Tennessee,” which are used for “sterilization, reduction of life expectancy, mind control, and weather control” — and that will be made illegal if the new law passes. Not only is there no truth to the conspiracy theory, there can’t be, says a research group at Harvard University. Even if there was such a program, they say, it wouldn’t result in white streaks behind planes, but bright yellow and red atmospheric effects that we don’t see. The “chemtrails” theory, Harvard says, is “as convincing as saying that alien beings walk among [us] in disguise as people because some people act very strangely.” (Nashville Tennessean) ...Ah, so Harvard freely admits Tennessee’s legislators are aliens! 

Just in case - 

You're wondering, we cover a wide variety of music, Surf, Dance, Country and Western (thanks Blues Brothers), Classic Rock, Pop, Motown, Blues by artists and groups - Eric Clapton, Blondie, ZZ Top, Amy Winehouse, Peggy Lee, The Surfaris, Stevie Wonder, Miranda Lambert, Luke Combs and many others... 


At The Washout with the Saturday night party crewe!

High Speed, Low Brain: Volusia County Sheriff’s Office deputies spotted three motorcycles in Port Orange, Fla. One deputy recognized one license plate as matching a motorcycle that had fled from police the week prior. The three bikers fled, starting a chase that reached speeds of 145 mph involving six police departments. Officers were finally able to pull over one motorcycle and arrested Ashtin Jarvis, 19. Despite having the license plate the deputy had identified, Jarvis denied any knowledge of the incident the week before, and reportedly said he got the license plate — which read “WILL RUN” — after he “saw a similar tag in a video, thought it was funny, and purchased the fake tag on Amazon.” He said his actual license plate was at home. Jarvis was charged with fleeing at high speed, reckless driving, and possession of a counterfeit license plate. (Daytona Beach News-Journal) ...His new license plate: WILL WAIT.

Terrorized - Florida Man Arrested after Making Bomb Threat Against Himself - WFLA Tampa headline

An old man is on his deathbed. He becomes vaguely aware of the aroma of chocolate chip cookies. The smell becomes so strong that the man, in his delirium, says to himself, “If it’s the last thing I do, I must have one of those cookies!” Summoning all his strength, the man flings himself off the bed and pulls himself along the floor and into the kitchen. There, on the table above him, is a plate of fresh baked cookies. With one withered hand, he reaches for a cookie, only to be smacked with a spatula. “Those are for the funeral!” his wife snaps.