Hey youse guys! Hope all is well with everyone, we've been staying busy, learning new tunes, drinking tequila and telling bad Dad jokes. Gotta get Max to do the bada tish thing when a bad joke is told... which seems to be nightly! Our friend Matt Kearney will be on-hand to play some dates w/us and we're looking forward to it!  So, keep your eye out, we'll be in your neighborhood soon, see ya, ciao'! 

Just in case - 

You're wondering, we cover a wide variety of music, Surf, Dance, Country and Western (thanks Blues Brothers), Classic Rock, Pop, Motown, Blues by artists and groups - Eric Clapton, Blondie, ZZ Top, Amy Winehouse, Peggy Lee, The Surfaris, Stevie Wonder, Miranda Lambert, Luke Combs and many others... 


"That sax player really blows!!"

Louie Jordan IV

Fourth gen related

"Who do they think they are??"

Roger Daltrey


A ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer,                     the bartender says “sorry, we don’t serve food here.”

My boss hates when I shorten his name to Dick. Especially because his name’s Steve.