Max Hammer - You want drums, you got 'em. His friends call him Steve... he's shy, but he sings with the right kind of beverages applied...

Rikkee Ruude -These guys let me be in the band as long as I'm buyin'; guitars and singin'

Jack Hammer - The other half of the Martinis Rhythm section and Max Hammer's cousin, twice-removed on his Grandfather's side - his nickname is "Greg" on the bass geetar and singin'

Matt Kearney - we said, "Hey, you know how to play sax until the cows come home?" He said "Yassir!" We said, "Show us.", and that's how we come to know Matt. We were going to change our name to The "Shorty" Long Band, but there's already a band by that name.

The Martinis -